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TMG - Team Analysis

TMG - Team Analysis

TMG - Team Analysis

Welcome to our first ever team analysis! Today we will be covering True Minded Gaming (TMG). So far into the season TMG has set themselves up nicely sitting undefeated in their division; however, it isn't without some ups and downs to get there. So without further ado here is our perspective breakdown of TMG.

Note - This is strictly our opinion and perspective, if you do not agree that is perfectly okay.

Top - TMG Big Cone

Summary - TMG Big Cone has a lot going for him between a deeper champion pool and a skirmisher setup he is hard to ban out and focus down. He generally struggles with certain core aspects of play that can be exploited but has strengths in his playstyle, ward clearing ability, and split pushing tendencies.

Cons - He struggles quite a bit on a tankier playstyle, even if he is able to play a given tank you can expect a much weaker performance out of him if he is pushed onto a tankier champion. He prefers to skirmish and uses that to build himself up, this means he is lacking in the CS department quite a bit and is generally only a real threat in the later game or if he snowballs from fighting. Using Wave manipulation and control does a LOT to shut him down, especially given his struggle in placing wards and establishing vision for himself consistently.

Pros - His skirmisher style means he will be a handful for opponents who aren't ready to fight. If all they want to do is farm he will make sure they get punished quite severely for it. His playstyle also does give him some inherent strength if left totally to himself in split pushing. If uncontrolled he will force your team apart and take objectives from underneath you left and right. And while he himself doesn't ward incredibly well he does abuse taking away the enemies vision quite sufficiently to ensure they are hesitant to go for a play on him blind.

TLDR - Strong skirmisher and split pusher with weaknesses in CSing and vision.

Jungle - Not Stonks

Summary - Generally a slower paced jungler who takes a tankier and more defensive approach given the hybrid skirmishing nature of top lane. He is VERY consistent in a lot of aspects of play from farming, to vision, and lastly around objectives. You can expect them to be going for whatever objective he can. His struggles though lie within his playstyle and pacing. His preference is towards more defensive options generally. This inherently creates a typically slower playstyle and pacing for the game.

Cons -
To take a deeper look at those two issues: Tankier style, and pacing, we first need to point out that this fits into what the team has needed so it is largely compensated. In regards to style and champion pool he primarily wants to be on a champion that can help CC opponents to protect the ADC. He has the physical ability to play champions that aren't as tanky but since he isn't inherently comfortable in that style and it doesn't fit what the rest of the team needs if he is on a more skirmishing champion (I.e. khazix, olaf, rengar, kayn) his team will be hurting way more both due to the lack of comfort in a team environment and due to the team's overall needs as a group. His slower pacing also doesn't add up well with those champions and even in games where they are in full control they are generally taking 30+ minutes to close them out (barring a single 25 minute game).

Pros -
The reverse of the above is also very true though, if he is granted the defensive pick and is not punished for the slower pacing of the game his ability to control vision and objectives as well as protect the ADC will win them the game. His style is not without weakness but he does this style inherently well and consistently. They have established great control over dragons, barons, and occasionally rift heralds due to his focus and control that he maintains in spite of his pacing.

Slower paced defensive picks that provide him extensive control, would struggle with accelerated games and more aggressive picks consistently.

Mid - THCx01

Summary - He will be a struggle if you don't do your research on him first, he has very clear strengths and advantages and if not punished for them can consistently establish himself into the game as a solid #2 carry for the team. In all game you can expect him to not be the focal point. It is a clear dichotomy that he is the #2 carry both in terms of resources and carry-ability. However, given his versatile champion pool and playstyle if you aren't prepared to handle him he could go on to exploit and punish your entire team for it.

Cons -
He generally can be lumped into two groups of picks: AP and AD. While not ALWAYS true the following can generally be said about each group:
  • AP - He struggles to consistently last hit. He maintains wave pressure and control but will give up CS leads to shove you in and roam. If you can match his roam and pressure you shouldn't have any issues countering him.
  • AD - He is the opposite where he last hits much better but due to picking an AD champion loses a lot of pushing power and wave clear that can be exploited by those who simply push him in and roam due to a lack of kill participation on his end. 
Generally speaking the best way to punish him is to take away his global roam-ability (Galio) and then pick a champion that can really force him into staying in lane and out rotating him.

Pros -
What he does lose out in his farming and pressure generally he makes up for in utility, vision, and scaling. Most of the champions in his pool scale well and provides a very different appearance compared to the rest of the top half. He also maintains vision for himself very well which is difficult coming from the mid lane. He provides a lot of support and control via mid lane that you need to handle or he will buy a lot of time himself to give his teammates the time they need.

Struggles with being shoved and roamed upon, but makes up for it in utility, vision and control in scaling.

ADC - Devil Milk Tea

Summary - Now this is the guy you want, he is undisputedly, unarguably THE carry for TMG. In all but 1 of their games this man is getting all of the resources, and in the game where he didn't they lost. He generally plays a safer hyper carry in the game and will want to sit back and scale while the top half tries for earlier things such as roams and objectives. He also is pretty versatile and harder to ban out making him a difficult player to lane against.

Cons -
The biggest weakness for him and his whole team is his need for resources. He does a LOT but only if he is given a LOT of resources, he is not efficient. In other words if you can stop him from getting those resources he will really struggle. If he really struggles his entire team really struggles. Really struggles with warding and very rarely will purchase control wards to contribute as again he is resource hungry himself.

Pros -
As glaring as a weakness as the above is his team compensates that in their play fairly well and he has a lot of consistency in his carry-ability. He dwarfs the next team member in resources but also dwarfs them in damage. He also snowballs incredibly hard given his champion preferences. His biggest strength is his Aphelios, largely due to his versatility and his hyper-carry-ability. He does well enough on it that it should consistently earn him a ban over other options throughout the season.

Plays a very consistent, yet resource hungry hyper carry. Cut off his resources and the whole team suffers, fail to do so and watch the defeat screen come up consistently.

Support - Kelper

Summary - Kelper is the other half to their carry bot lane and he does his job very well. His job is to play a supportive champion that enables the hyper carry. Expect to see picks like nami, yuumi, etc. that support his ADC with heals and peeling throughout the game. He is versatile enough that you likely won't be able to ban him out, and none of his champions are incredibly ban-worthy. He is just the supportive cog in their resource hungry bot lane so he isn't the one who you want to focus much.

Cons -
Given his style to protect the ADC you do notice a generally slower timing coming from this bot lane, they also tend to have less pressure and play more reserved to buy time for Devil to buildup his resource stack. This means he can be punished as he is not off roaming with the jungler as much or establishing deep vision as well as he could be.

Pros -
Defense. While they don't bring or buy pressure for their team the ability to keep his carry alive and establish consistent defensive vision makes them a hard lane to snag. They also consistently setup ganks for their jungler due to them pulling the lane generally rather than pushing it.

He is the defensive rock behind their bot half. Bring pressure and prevent them from setting up their defensive castle and they will struggle.

In Summary

Bot lane will be the ones getting resources, try to prevent this if possible. If you wait too long and bot lane is able to establish themselves defensively you will not break them. If you can force them onto more aggressive picks they will struggle. Here are noticeable areas of weakness for each member that could be improved:

Top - Farming consistently in lane, with only a 5 cs per minute average in team environments if you can consistently secure yourself more resources rather than being as focused on skirmishing you set yourself up to be a much bigger split pushing and side threat.

Jg - Tempo, you play the defensive route very well but I'd love to see a faster more aggressive tempo. You have the means to make it happen but it is up to you to call for it and make it so.

Mid - Priority, if you can consistently secure priority in mid lane from wave control (while actually landing the last hits) rather than abilities (i.e. Galio ult) you enable your jungler's options much more, this opens up multi-man invades, roams, and more while consistently giving you safety.

Bot - Efficiency, you do incredibly well when given resources but if you can work on doing better with less resources you raise your entire team's floor significantly.

Support - Pressure and Priority, I'd love to see you start working with your jungler more to bring pressure earlier, not necessarily in your lane but shifting to acquire more resources elsewhere while your ADC gets more efficient.

All in all I think the next step towards stepping up as a team relies on the ADC to become more efficient. If he can do the same carry performance on slightly less gold and protection in support and jungler picks it opens up the rest of the map significantly to take off. You do a protect the carry comp very well, but is that all you're going to be able to do well?